Monday, June 26, 2006

Shopping With The Boys

This morning, I kept bothering the people in our org to accompany me to a nearby mall so I can purchase a couple of doodahs.. thankfully, Jourdan and Marlon volunteered to be my grocery boys - and thankfully, they didn't back out when it began to rain and we had to get a bit wet to hail a taxi.

When we arrived, I led the boys to where I intended to buy the CD filers which I needed so badly. Along the way, the guys saw a couple of items which they thought would be good gifts for their friend (whose having his birthday today - Happy Birthday James!) or themselves. The stuff were bought within 15 to 20 minutes, with a couple more things being considered in their heads.

When I got to the Japanese Home Center, I chose the CD pouches I wanted to buy and we were all out of the store in five minutes.

We had a late lunch (well the boys did). I just tried to steal their soup - which tasted rather nasty by the way. After a seemingly lengthy conversation, Marlon and Jourdan decided to return to the earlier store we visited to get the items they had debated buying.

After their purchase, they accompanied me to a computer store to buy a headphone set - and after a couple of inquiries, I got the device and we were on our way out of the mall and back to school.

Total Time? 1 hour and 30 minutes..

No nonesense.

No "I-wanna-look-at-the-next-store-please"
No "Can-I-try-this-on-first?"
No "I-really-want-it-buts..."

I call this shopping trip.. fun, fast and simply efficient!


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