Monday, April 16, 2007


My voice teacher was training me with The Phantom of the Opera's Think of Me and decided to provide me a more challenging piece. Who expected that her surprise piece for me was Carlotta's Prima Donna.

After singing that piece, even though which was real hard shit, I had to really ask.. Who the fuck is that Christine Daae again??


My brother was reminding us this afternoon about the perverted and absurdly twisted version of the Phantom of the Opera his teacher made them watch to strike a comparison with the pathetic new PTO release (Emma Rossum and 300's Gerald Butler), where the brilliant ugly faced phantom kills his enemies to steal their skin in order to sew into his. Imagine his aromatic presence. In addition, our obsessedly infatuated phantom hires prostitutes and calls them "Christine" while making love.. Uhm.. right..

And to end his brilliant reaction oration, he mentions Soup #5 with Carlotta's dainty little decapitated head floating on it.

People so don't have anything decent to do with their lives.


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