Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"Flat" or "Flattering"?

Raymond sent me a link to check out Dove's campaign - in search of real beauty. It is an insipiring move by the industry to try to take people out of the mindset that beauty is only held by people with the Paris Hilton crossed with Dolly Parton bodies. Their campaign tries to instill contentment and happiness in one's own skin, in one's own gene pool. We cannot always desire to have something we are not meant to have, in fact, sometimes we keep wishing to have something else not knowing that we already have what is best - for us.

So many women have been victims of the costly need to go through liposuction, wrinkles reduction, breast enhancement/ augmentation and all sorts of wacko experiments. Why can't we be just happy with what we have? Beauty is relative.. are we willing to just stick with the typical closed-minded concept of what is beautiful - or are we willing to define it for ourselves?

Click here to vote.

*This entry may be the effect of watching too much Shakira, I guess.. wehehe


At 5:24 PM, Blogger HiveRadical said...

Wow. That's weird. I hadn't been to either my blog or yours or anyone's recently. I posted my most recent blog entry, the first in months, before coming here to read yours. And lo the first, most recent, entry I see is on the exact same topic. Amazing. Though I think our prompting was different in each case. Yours apparently has connection to one 'Shakira' while mine (though I've listened to a bit of her music--I like her old, spanish, stuff far better than any of her recent ventures) was prompted more by the woman I'm currently seeking to get to know through continued dating after just getting to know her.

At 3:06 PM, Blogger Katrina said...

ooh.. i see.. well good luck hiveradical.. hope you find the one you've been searching for! :D


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