Tuesday, June 06, 2006

"Ten Top Tips"

My aunt just came back from England with a handful of free paraphernalias and magazines for me. She gave me bunches of menus, recipe booklets and food dietary programs. Of course, the one leaflet I got my eyes glued on was the "Ten Top Tips" to weight reduction "based on scientific evidence" which was distributed by the Cancer Research UK and Weight Concern. (Or I think they were the distributors since those were the organizations given substatial amount of attention)

So I'd like to copy and post the ten reminders in order to lose weight:
(1) Keep to your meal routine
- Try to eat at roughly the same times each day, whether this is two or five times a day.

(2) Go reduced fat
- Choose reduced fat versions of foods such as dairy products, spreads and salad dressings where you can. Use them sparingly as some can still be high in fat.

(3) Walk off the weight
- Walk 10,000 steps (equivalent to 60-90 minutes moderate activity) each day. You can break up your walking throughout the day.

(4) Pack a healthy snack
- If you snack, choose a healthy option such as fresh fruit or low calorie yogurts instead of chocolate or crisps.

(5) Look at the labels
- Be careful about food claims. Check the fat and sugar content on food labels when shopping and preparing food.

(6) Caution with your portions
- Don't heap food on you plate (except vegetables). Think twice before having second helpings.

(7) Up on your feet
- Break up your sitting time. Stand up for ten minutes out of every hour.

(8) Think about your drinks.
- Choose water or sugar-free squashes. Unsweetened fruit juice is high in natural sugar so limit it to 1 glass per day (200 ml.) Alcohol is high in calories so try to limit the amount you drink.

(9) Focus on your food
- Slow down. Don't eat on the go or while watching tv. Eat at a table if possible.
*Eating meals at the table will help you to focus on the amount of food you eat.

(10) Don't forget your 5 a day
- Eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day (400 g in total)
* A medium sized apple or banana or 3 serving spoonfuls of peas is 1 portion.

Sounds easy enough... :D
Happy dieting...


At 9:05 PM, Blogger jourdy^_^ said...

this entry i like, hahaha, me diet guru (although i pig out a lot recently, wahahahaha)

nice post though, some of those things are new to me, i better do more research ^_^

and as if u need help losing weight, u just lost 10 weights without u even knowing, haha, ur a natural weight loss machine! hahaha

At 10:21 AM, Blogger jEnn said...

thanks kat,
for the wonderful tips..
i've always thought that we should eat only one meal per day to lose weight or something.. erm.. think that's called a crush diet..

ah... watever..

i am who i am.. (^__^)

At 11:47 AM, Blogger Katrina said...

to jourdy: :D im not a natural weight loss machine man! if i am, then i would look a lot more pleasing than my current state :D wahaha.. on the other hand, is there any way i could reduce my ehem?? haha.. that surely could erase a kilo worth of weight.. haha

to jenn: sureness.. hehe :D but I don't think one meal per day is all that good.. it sounds almost the equivalent of starvation.. but maybe with lots of liquids, that sort of diet is bearable.. wow.. I surely can't handle that! haha


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