Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Two of my closest and dearest friends have already flown out of the country. Marjorie, to Shanghai and Jourdan, to Beijing, to further improve their Chinese communication skills. I miss them dearly even though they've just left a few week/s ago. I wonder when I would follow them to the emerging superpower country of China. Sigh.. I want to go to China...


Interestingly, while browsing through the net, I found this article as Mexico's response against domestic violence.. Hmmm...

5 years in jail for not wanting to have sex?...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


yesh.. I LOVE DARIA!!!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Pon en Zi

Thanks to Jourdan, I found the culprit of the adorable emo ghost figures - Azuzephre.. Pon & Zi are so morbidly cute, I could just fall in love with em!

Here's the site to see em..

Here's Azu's devart...

I'm inlove with his works.. he already has a boyfriend :(

I Feel The Pain...

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Tea for Relaxation?

While trying to add some cold water to my glass of hot green tea, my cellphone slipped from the grip of my palm and slid exactly inside my glass. AAAhhhh!!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007


The back of my right elbow has big ugly bruise roughly an index finger long (my index finger, that is). I've also noticed a big red blot in the middle of the bruise which I would like to believe as clotted blood. Sometimes, I come into thinking that my arm would just fall off even though I find that conclusion to be reasonably unsound.

I underwent a blood donation last Saturday for my friend's father's by pass surgery. Jourdan, Marie, Masada and Marlon were there to do the same, yet only the previous two were allowed to share their life sources. Marie was asked to lie down first, followed by Jourdan and then me. We also finished our donations in that order. Once the blood donation was complete, we were asked to rest for a few minutes before being requested to leave the room. Thus, I was the last in the room, with no entertainment or moral support. Although Masi was able to watch the nurse punch the needle into my skin, he was later asked to leave, perhaps due to sanitary purposes.

My blood was unusually giddy since upon the insertion of the needle it even jumped out onto my skin. After the donation, the "hole" was covered by a cottonball and a transparent strip of tape. Unfortunately, the tourniquet the girl made was so tight, that upon its removal, my initial reaction was to massage the area. Thankfully, my friend's father who went inside to make a little chit-chat with the laboratory supervisor noticed my cottonball to be saturated in blood and has actually dripped down to the bed sheet. Only then did I realize that by massaging the "tourniquet"ed area, I was actually pumping my blood out. The staff went ballistic and ran all around me trying to clean the bloodied area. Of course, my friends all had a good laugh over the matter and my friend's father warned me that I will be experiencing a bad bruise on the area. True enough, there it is.. and here I am worrying whether or not my arm will fall off soon.

Oh the Drama!

This morning, while I was working on my assignment for tonight's class, I overheard the girls sitting at the next table talking about their boyfriends and how they're going to spend their valentine's day. Another couple of girls passed by, and curiously, their voices were loud enough from my side to hear that they too were talking about the love day.

Everybody's seeming to be a-chatter about their V-day plans and then, it struck me - It's going to be another lonely Valentine's this year.