Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Canon Rocks!

My brothers loved the rock canon we found in youtube a couple of months ago, and now, I found this... soo love canon!..

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Technically Challenged

I know I've been slacking in updating my blog. I guess the culprit to this is my current obsession with photoshop. I've been playing around with the program so much that I don't I have a decent social life anymore. My friends would tell me that my hangout places are either at the conservatory where I can PS with my laptop, the computer labs or in internet stations. Still, with so much exposure to the computer, I feel so technically-challenged. I am still a novice - ignorant of all the techy jibberish crap.

I'm trying to make a new blog layout but it seems that I just couldn't figure out how to make it work right. I guess I started with a complicated treat. I downloaded the sources of many other blog-sters and realized I could do things by just doing it in tables.. dumb dumb me..

My friend told me that the layout I also made didn't really reflect me, and as much as I'd hate to agree.. Yah.. It's so not me.. haha.. Oh well.. Just wanted to show off my first trial.. I'm already planning to make something new...

Domesticated Me

I feel so domesticated. Last Sunday, I didn't participate in our usual family outing with my grandmother since I spent almsot the whole day fixing my dresser - transferring piles and piles of my clothes back into the antique drawer I used when I was a little girl. I realized that I have so many shirts which have been hanging there for the longest time, but I never really took pleasure in wearing. Perhaps it's simply because most are the clothes my mom bought for me back when she had this weird thought of having some unnaturally pregnant-obese daughter with watermelon tits. I mean, polo shirts that look real good are wasted on me since they don't have the right "fit" to my body type - wearing them makes me look ballooned 20 pounds heavier. But I guess, everybody has unwanted clothes that they keep in their closets.. right?

Also, it's a routine now that every Sunday is my cooking day. This is the day where I can experiment and try out the recipes I've collected over the years. So far, I've been garnering good results. Last Sunday, I made pepper-chili chops, fried and steamed dumplings and java rice. Mom made chicken corn soup and rellenong bangus. This is good practice.. I think..

My table has been reorganized and I think I'll post a picture of it when I'm already completely satisfied with the way I fix it.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Discontent, Quit Bugging Me

It's been a while since I updated my blog - seems like I almost always get suddenly memory-erased whenever that blank text box greets me. Although I felt that I have much to say, the emptiness of the box would suddenly reflect itself in my brain. I am currently in one of DLSU's computer laboratory with Imago blasting away their "Tara Let's" single downstairs. As much as I'd like to join the fun, I feel so drained that I don't really mind staying up here and spend some quality time with the computer.

I've spent the past few days photoshopping our video (picture by picture animation) that I don't really know if that was really a wise thing to do, but somehow it did work cause the video did look good. Marie did the video editing though since she has the program in her laptop. I wonder what it would be like if I atlast would be able to get myself a worthy computer where I can store in as many programs as I'd like - programs in mind... PS (obviously), Flash, Maya, Dreamweaver, Corel and Adobe Premiere (or at the very least, Pinnacle).. but of course I guess I have to take things one at a time.. Oh well..

I've been sketching again. After my friend lost more than half of my sketches before, I was so devastated that I lost the drive to doodle. Recently, for some unknown reason, I've began to doodle again - to a point of frustration since I cannot get the images I want - realism truly isn't part of my talents. Somehow I wish I'd be able to get better with what I have right now. My problem now is, how the heck do I get these images scanned..

(Mom says we have a scanner at home, but when I asked my uncle to install it in our PC, he told me he was lazy to. So I wanted to do it myself, but I didn't know where they placed the CD installer. I asked my dad and uncle, but apparently they seemed to have misplaced it. No CD, No program. No program, no scanner. Am I approaching this the wrong way???)

I am such a discontented little girl.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rigmaroles of Rain

One Sunday, I had to complete an errand which would mean I have to leave the house to purchase stuff. There was a light rain shower outside. So I went out with one of our maids. She was holding the umbrella. We were walking when I realized that I was moving out of the slow paced umbrella walk in order to complete the task and be done with it. These are some of my thoughts.

Given: A task (errand - given destination is a short distance away) and an obstacle (the rain), people respond differently.

Some would reassess and decide the errand is not worth doing after all. (The sloth type.. oohh di lalie..)

Some would wait for the rain to stop before they do the task. (At this point, there is little control over time because rainshowers may turn out to be wild rainpours).

Some would ask to be drove/ drive a car to complete the errand. (Convenient, given that car is available. But consider that such conveniences are not always available, at times even practical, for one to complete a task)

Some would get an umbrella, and walk. (Practical and easy, but may be stressful to be carrying an umbrella should there be strong winds).

Some would share umbrellas with other people. (Practical, but may take a lot of time waiting for others trying to shake the unpleasant rain water out of their branded footwears, etc)

Some would just walk under the rain. (Risky but quick)

My point? So many people, dealing with one situation in so many different ways. Some are practical, others are not so practical, while others still just plain lazy. Others get the job done quick and painless, others get it done slow and steady and others still don't get it done at all. Who is to say which of their choices is best? Best is such a relative criteria unless it has subcriterias determining what it is supposed to represent - under particular circumstances, personal restraints and preferences - perhaps just staying at home may turn out to be not so bad.

Complicated world.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It's Just One of those Days

I've been tired lately. I attribute that little fact to my rather regular visits with the acupuncture doctor who seems to find pleasure in sticking those long thin needles into my fragile little face. It never really hurts when he inserts it in my scalp or in my ankles, but there's a biting pain whenever he tries to tap it in my cheeks. After every session, I attest that I do awfully tired. I've been sleeping alot lately despite the return of classes - a problem, I believe.

I find little interest in the things that interest me before. I fear that my dedication to my organization is slowly wavering - or is it because I once again feel choked by the system. I never really seem to be able to feel comfortable in the whole system of things, like some missing piece with no niche to be fitted in. I recall often my non-stop reminding to people of my enthusiasm to be part of the Arts committee; but now that I am amongst them, I find that it is just another stupid trap - that trap of "objective" creativity. The use of art to define oneself into the system, not to create, but to define and remind. I feel like copying everyone else's work - why? Because they worked the first time. And when they do try something new, it has to be acknowledged with such a celebration. People, grow up!

I guess, this is the smaller picture of the outside world I fear - risk averse, repetitious conformity and recollection of pasts because in being risk averse one can never go wrong, with conformity one can achieve unity and recollection of pasts one can never grow old. Ugh. Is this philosophy perhaps branching out from the ideal Chinese way where men get the bacon and women stay at home under the management of her terrorizing mother-in-law with no verbal or actual rights. Is this also the reason why being different was never once propagated in my high school - the "right" way and the "wrong" way and never the "let's try out and see" way? Is this how we try to build people, train them like robots capable of following orders? Why is creation such a scary thing? Oh right, sometimes we don't have control what the baby may look like - but isn't that the beauty of it?

I guess I am being mean, I just feel like a handicap in the whole system that sometimes I don't mind moving away. If I don't, I may subject myself into the box that I fear would chain me up into "sanity"(although this box is only apparent in my vision of thought), but if I do, then it would mean a great deal of loss in terms of acquaintances, friends, and experience - not to mention a flabberghasting black hole in my resume that may eat up into oblivion, the rest of my potentials. Question is, do I have potentials? or do I simply blind myself, answering my questions with the answers I desire to gain since, I cannot truly face reality. Creating my own philosophies and beliefs in order to escape the gaping stare of "hello, I'm reality!".. On second thought, the mind is a brilliant thing - capable of creating it's own paradigms - a heaven out of hell and a hell out of heaven.

Is optimism perhaps the answer? Seeing things with a half filled glass perspective? or is this optimism, the dum-dum way's of saying.. "hey, it's the way it is, deal with it! I don't want to think anymore"...


Friday, September 08, 2006

Split Second Updates

Yesterday, mom enrolled me in a introductory crash course, hosted by Informatics, for the wonderful world of MAYA. Unfortunately, my stuffy nose and throbbing headache took the better of me thus depriving me the chance to fiddle more with the program. I, though, learned some of the basic potentials of the program - I feel like I absorbed only 1 percent of the whole thing.. argh... The speaker offered that we take the course in the hosting school so that we'd gain further knowledge of the said application. Ugh.. the catch.


This morning, my grandmother brought me to an accupuncture doctor where he stuck two needles on my cheeks, one at the base of my neck and another at the back of my neck. I was laughing the whole time since my uncle told me I looked like an African warthog. Whatever.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Beach Trip!

I've procrastinated in updating my blog due to laziness which has struck me since the beginning of my finals week. Much has occured in that span of time that I am afraid I can no longer write faithfully to my "revelations". There had been many circumstances which had allowed me the luxury of epiphany, unfornately though, I believe that I could no longer summon them all in recollection at this moment,nor with the same enthusiasm and completeness as the time of its birth - therefore I shall focus this entry on the latest experience that has transpired.

At this moment, I feel that a nasal congestion coming up. My nose has began to itch and my throat is starting to get sore. I just came home a couple of days ago from a long weekend away from home. After Friday's ADMU-DLSU swap, where I learned how lucky I am to be studying in a fairly sized airconditioned school, our organization went to Batangas for our teambuilding. I would've taken more pictures had my camera not been held up in the bag of one of our facilitators posing to "take care of our valuables".

This is the first time our organization had a teambuilding in a beach, not to mention a 3 day 2 night outing (no cellular signal! tears..).. the downside is.. my monthly visitor came on the very first day - thus depriving me from all the water fun my companions were able to experience. Aside from this little setback, I had a fantastic time. Man, I was afraid I'll get sunburn, but hecka, this monthly visitor sure saved some skin cells, not to mention a potential encounter with melanoma (okay, I'm being paranoid!) Best of all, my buddies were there for me even when I was beginning to bitch up.

These girls are some of my room/workmates.
Leslie, Charm and Lynda.

Lynda and Charm were so sweet. One time I was faking dysmenorrhea because of a real cruel situation I got myself into and was feeling awfully guilty of. Believing my con, the two girls took the effort to get lunch for me and bring it all the way to our room.

It's been a while since I last went to a beach which was why I was real excited. Kabayan Resort was white sand but it is a bit hot on the toes and rather rocky for my feet; although.. I could run around barefoot while everybody else were jumping about the sandy grill with their slippers on. Below are some more of the pictures I got before my camera was swiped away..

The facilitators also orchestrated a new game wherein the girls are against the guys. Each person is to wear one colored sock on his/her right foot. The goal of the game is to steal all the socks away from your opponent team. Girls are empowered by their number, while the guys are strong with their inborn speeed and brawns. My strategy was to pull the men downand pin them on the sand while the other girls struggle with his sock. Apparently, the boys had the upperhand in the whole power play. One of the facilitators even named the game as "rape!". I secured many small wounds from this game, but it was so worth it. I love to dominate! wahahaha. Below is a picture of me, being raped by two guys.. boo-hoo.

There were more games, but nothing is more fun than to bury your feet in the sand. In one of our activities, I was buried whole in the sand for my groupmates to form a sexy body. I specially requested a girl to be the one to sculpt my breasts into a 40F! I don't know if it turned out okay though since the pictures were not yet posted in either multiply or yahoo.

Our feet!

Footprints on the Sand

One of our activities demand that our HR find an exotic place in the beach and take a picture of it. I volunteered to hold the camera. Luckily, it was sunset, so this is the photo I got. There are better shots than this, but this was the one sent to me by the camera owner, Shelley.

The third day, we had to leave. You can imagine.. 4 hours going and another going back with a friend who's about to leave for Cebu, rushing to his plane. Below are pictures from Marie's camera.

Charm, Maude, Me and Lynda..
Waiting for departure.

These are the people in our van,
plus the van!