Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hear Me Roar!...

I got this quiz from Paulo's blog.

Ultra lafftrip!

Take the What Fantasy Archetype Are You? Quiz by Vara Sundaisy

Beware for I am the shadow villain..

Thursday, August 24, 2006

"My MicroMovement, My MicroRevolution"

In partial fulfillment of the requirements of my Genders class, we were required to make a scrapbook regarding our gendered selves. Trying to unearth my gendered self and mirror it in a hard copy scrapbook, after much consideration was deemed too costly, therefore I decided to convert my blog into the vehicle of which holds my project. I have learned much in the course of formulating and creating this endeavor - from html encoding to photoshopping to scrapblogging to head knocking debating. In the course of this one and a half week, I managed to complete my project with the help of people I knew from the dinosaur era and from people I recently met.

And I'd like to take this short opportunity to thank them for their "micro-movements" in molding me into the person I am right now typing away - a bit more knowledgable about the world.


Our professor asked us to create a collage regarding our past, present and future and this is what I came up with. I would have gladly supplied it with a text that would explain my choice, but then I realized that trying to explain it's randomness may actually stifle the potential interpretations and understanding of which I am all a victim of.
Click here to view my collage.

We were also asked to decipher from within, five of our secret selves. These are what I came up with. At this point, I would like to ask for forgiveness if some of the images may prove to be quite unfavorable to the eye, it is one of my first few trials furnishing a site with a photoshop image (ideal jpeg size which I am frankly, not sure of.)If you are interested and ready to venture into my person, here are some of my.. shadows?
Click this link. Oh, by the way, my "5 secret selves" are "click-able".
Brushes are downloaded from Miss M's website, images are mostly from Google Photos

I will no longer be writing about much about my micro movement, since apparently any touch an individual makes creates a ripple effect that could shatter or build the lives of generations to come. Such a tremendous power within our beings - billions of people all around the globe blessed with such an awesome power in their selves, waiting to serve their bidding.

My micro revolution does not revolve much around action, but on words. As many have already mentioned, "the pen is mightier than the sword". Such a cliche has proven itself in many circumstances that it cannot be helped but to be repeated to others. I've kept a blog for over a year now, and it has made me grow as a person. My personal reflections running in these lines, telling the whole world my inmost thoughts regarding the many aspects of life that has introduced itself to me. In my small effort of keying in letter by letter, my thoughts to create an awareness to people beyond myself is perhaps one of my advocacies. This is my reality, and this is my twisted truths - and I hope that somehow my words would shed light, contradict, confuse, and harmonize.

Shuffling Survey

My 260th blog entry....

I got this survey from Pigarotti's blog. It's a real intersting survey.. Try it out, the results are... hmmm...


1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense. NO CHEATING!
4. Tag 10 people to play this game too. (wink wink)

How are you feeling today?
+++ Sigur Ros – Staralfur Please translate?

How do your friends see you?
+++ Lifehouse – Everything hmmm, I wonder..

Will you get married?
+++ The Fray – Trust Me I refuse to say another word

What is your best friend's theme song?
+++ 6 Cycle Mind – Sige Oh so true-nesh!

What is the story of your life?
+++ Late Night Alumni – Beautiful *beaming smile

What was high school like?
+++ The Corrs – What Can I Do Boy crazy.. ugh..

How can you get ahead in life?
+++ Mojofly – Tumatakbo Malamang!

What is the best thing about your friends?
+++ All American Rejects – Stab My Back bwahahaha…

What is today going to be like?
+++ Juliadoll – Season

What is in store for this weekend?
+++ MYMP – Fast Car wicked smile

What song describes you?
+++ Neyo – Sexy Love *seductive grin

To describe your grandparents?
+++ Grease2 – Reproduction ugh…. Oh you can’t be serious

How is your life going?
+++ Vertical Horizon – Everything You Want

What song will they play at your funeral?
+++ The Corrs – Angel *big wide smile

How does the world see you?
+++ 12012 – Orion

Will you have a happy life?
+++ Akafellas – Harana

What do your friends really think of you?
+++ Diana Krall – Fly Me To The Moon tulad ni Mr. de Vera!

Do people secretly lust after you?
+++ Paul Westerberg – Dyslexic Heart

How can I make myself happy?
+++ Sheryl Crow – My Favorite Mistake …You’re my favourite mistake

What should you do with your life?
+++ Se7en – Come Back part 2

Will you ever have children?
+++ Pan Wei Bo – Bu Te Bu Ai

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Cure Of My Drought?

At last, another book managed to find itself in my collection of reads. Yesterday, great luck was shining on me as a friend completed reading Marquez' Chronicles of a Death Foretold and decided to throw the book aside for it has already served its purpose for his Litera2 class. It was such a stroke of good fortune that I was at the right place at the right time to actually get to witness his distaste for the Marquez’ masterpiece and thus, got to bargain with him for the said book. I've been eyeing "Chronicles" for some time now, but was too cheapskate to actually buy it for its horrendous price in NBS. A mere 120 pages for 450pHp. Thus, when he agreed to sell it to me for just 300, I couldn't help but agree.

It was weird that on that same day, I completed perusing the book - just 2.5 hours of reading! (Perhaps this could be attributed that I was completely hooked on it; and that I get real pissed whenever my siblings would do as much as utter a word in my presence while I was concentrating) Either way, I am not at all disappointed with the transaction since the read was an entirely beautiful and enticing experience that I don't think I’d mind rereading it. It was so brilliantly conceived - how could a murder story with all the main characters and purposes so well exposed to the public be created to be still remain interesting? Truly the literature is a crafted work of a great mind. I guess, the story does not revolve around the basic outline of who killed who and why, but more importantly it is focused on the interplay of lives in order to bring forth the inevitable end of each person. In short, it's all a matter of destiny, of fate, of that unavoidable prejudiced resolution.

Similar to Oedipus' melancholic tale of controversy, where he and his father failed to escape their predestined positions - that Oedipus will eventually kill his father - despite the means implemented by the father to avoid such tragedy to transpire. It is perhaps that prophesy is both a player and spoiler for the event. Simply put, fate is inescapable and perhaps the fact of it being blurted out so unwisely may usher the destiny to actually find further fulfillment.

On a lighter note, many believe that men were created with free will - with an innate ability to choose our life paths and thus making us susceptible and responsible to whatever consequence our actions would summon. Thus in so saying, is it possible that we are already fulfilling part of our destiny by choosing and in some preternatural way, such a choice has already been chosen for us beforehand and we are just stepping into where we ought to be – like following an invisible inborn map, in blindness - believing that we are actually acting free?

Thus, the birth of philosophy?

Can I Take Your Order?

Every Sunday, our family would go out for lunch - as my grandmother would justify, "So our taste buds could get a vacation from the usual foods in the house". With that in mind, I suggested that for this Sunday, I will be cooking for the family - a real new experiment, that I am now freaking out what I am going to do.

I've been skimming through my cookbook collections to make at least 3 good combinations to let my family choose which one they prefer. I never imagined drafting a menu could be so crazy, so many choices with so many ingredients - I guess texts are tricksters since the more text I see, the easily I fall into believing that the dish is rather complicated (that is, until I got to reading it).

I also proposed that my siblings contribute by helping me in the kitchen so that they'd have a taste of what happens behind the scenes. My grandmother is evidently excited since she already instructed my aunts to take orders from me regarding the ingredients I would be requiring. Now, I'm stressed.

Now I can say, never ever ever underestimate the powers of a homemaker!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Three Ways To Deal With A Broken Heart


Regret(and hopefulness?)

Moving On!
(was supposed to pair this with her ex-hubby's video, but decided otherwise)

Save It!

"To know what you prefer instead of humbly saying Amen to what the world tells you you ought to prefer, is to have kept your soul alive." - Robert Louis Stevenson

After three packs of Hershey's kisses (2 milk chocolates and 1 semi-sweet), a weekload of computer radiation, stress and an unhealthy sleeping and eating schedule - I am only fearing that I'll be having another bad case of.. the pimples, ready to start it's explosive anarchy on my face.. NOOOO...

Why am I emphasizing the physical now? Just last Friday, I was caught off guard by one of my superior officers - thus gave her the opportunity to trap me into attending some no-brainer seminar. As it turns out, the moment I entered and began to listen to the speaker, I guess we can say my brain cells began to go freaky on me and my whole self-esteem became at risk to plummet into a fraction of something close to nothingness. The scheme of a cunning, uncontented system to hinder creativity and self-identity?

The seminar was on the perfect recipe on how to cook yourself an ideal, cultured lady. The proper way to sit on a chair (specifying exactly the types of the chairs and the kinds of sitting positions desirable for each one), the correct way of crossing your legs, the exact measure on how much to sit on, the ideal body size and their corresponding fashion get-ups. (And damn it, I was practically punching my guy friend while she was ranting about all these cultivation know-hows). Although most of the things that were being discussed are potential topics in the dum-dum handbook on how to build your very own Stepford wife, having to be reminded of all the ideal patterns and traits does zoom in on the simple fact that we have to be boxed into complying with a particular behavior to coexist peacefully in such a judgemental society. Perhaps its the speaker that magnifies the criteria of how people should act (of course, picking your nose and biting your nails in public are fundamental no-nos), it's just that keeping up with so many rules and standards which are very much trivial in nature does not seem all that necessary unless I intend to be some glamor queen with an Audrey Hepburn social status with a whole herd of paparazzis and spies tripping all over just to get a glimpse of me. Nobody cares that much, just know who you are, be real and try not to do anything altogether stupid, and you'll be just fine - you don't need all those minute details dictating how life should be lived, because all in all, you are not measured on how you appear, you're appreciated for who you represent.

"This is my signature walk, and this walk is gonna make me famous!" Dear, that's best saved for the press... like they'll care.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Plain Old Updates

Finally, I completed editing my FOTOCAM pix and am currently trying to upload em in my deviant art account. Ugh..


Today, I had two reports, completed two powerpoint presentations with a deadline of an hour away - I dunno how I managed to complete it and thank God I did.. My groupmates didn't seem all that freaked out though.. argh.. I hate it when the powerpoint contents are given to me on the last minute, but hey, c'est la vie.

Had a picture taken with the lead singer of Kamikazee.. (the band performed in our school University break time)
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YEAH BABY! :D (Sali-pusa si Rommel!) Wanted to ditch the Foodfest, but free food is free food! :)

That's all the updates I can come up with right now..

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I Refuse To Say More..

Our professor asked us to hand a CD to the department secretary so she could burn us a copy of the computer software needed to complete our project-assignment. So, like a good student, I handed in my CD a bit earlier than most.

When I got it, I already have a couple of classmates asking to borrow it from me, which is fine. Unfortunately, when I got home and tried to install it.. Lo and behold.. the secretary surely made some kind of mistake! She has degraded my 700MB CD by burning a 1KB shortcut of the program... Just that one useless item.. How the....